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Falko BV is an international import and export company, specialised in the two-wheeler industry. Falko has more than 35 years of business experience in sourcing, developing and selling bicycle parts and accessories.

Falko BV was founded in 1983; it originated as a family business, a two-wheeler shop. The company started by selling decals for pedal-powered and motorized bicycles, which was in high demand at the time. Falko later became an agent in Germany for a Dutch printing company, where we mainly sold transfer stickers to bicycle factories.

Falko broadened its product range extensively after 1992, initially adding locks and then also other products like lighting, bicycle saddles and other parts and accessories. Nowadays we can offer our customers a wide range of bicycle parts and accessories, all with our own brands and identity.



Our source

Over 25 years’ trading experience in Asia

Most of the products that Falko imports are produced in the Far East, like China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and India. Our excellent contacts with factories - plus over 25 years of experience in importing products from Asia - mean we can offer excellent quality products at attractive prices.

By visiting these factories multiple times a year we maintain a strong relationship with our suppliers. Our complete product range meets the European quality standards because of the reliability of our suppliers and thanks to the experience and expertise of our purchase team.



Our products

Everything for two-wheelers

Tyres & tubes

Falko has an extensive range of quality bicycle tyres and inner tubes from the brand Rexway®. Thanks to the purity of the used rubber (butyl) compound the durability and performance are exceptional.


The locks from Lynx®, Pro-Tect® and Starry Citycat® are inextricably linked to the security of two-wheelers. Through the knowledge gained over the years, the range includes a lock for all types of two-wheelers. Consisting of the best-tempered steel, plastics and nylon.


Our product range of Lynx® lighting ensures both clear vision and visibility, allowing cyclists to participate in traffic safely. An innovative brand, distinctive for its quality, versatility and sleek design. Suitable for every type of bike, available in various price segments.


Falko offers a wide range of saddles. On top of the saddles from China we also have ABI® and Tabor® saddles, which are produced in the EU.

But we have more for you...

This is just a part of our complete product range, we also offer bags, pumps, tools, pedals, technical sprays and more. Please find our complete product range at www.falkostore.com